Making it easier for working parents
to coordinate events and logistics
Where it started
Jugl had a great idea: create an app to help working parents better coordinate their many events and complex logistics. The founders spent two years developing and refining their product; however, like many start-ups, they were stuck just short of the finish line when they decided to partner with Futurehaus.
  • New version of mobile app, redesigned and
    rearchitected from the ground up
  • Research-based insights to understand users’ needs
  • New, validated web app prototype
  • Recommendations on building sustainable
    business model
  • Continuing collaboration to build out
    experimental new features
Metrics at a glance
Private beta
Increase in
app performance
Desktop view of Jugl web app, where user is creating a new School Assembly event.
Calendar view of the Jugl mobile app. Includes events for the next four days.
What we did
Bringing a fresh perspective to their existing research, we helped Jugl prioritize the most impactful and unique features of their product, allowing us to quickly rebuild their app. During initial user interviews we discovered that potential customers were more likely to use a tool that could connect to their existing digital calendars, so we broadened Jugl's product to include a web-based app that enabled such extensions.

To identify scheduling challenges families face, we led a design workshop that confirmed where the product's opportunity laid and created a prototype to prove that parents would, in fact, use it. Next, we collaborated with Jugl to determine how best to launch an initial pilot and how to generate a sustainable business model for the product.

We are currently working with Jugl to apply machine learning to the logistics of working parents, so that future iterations of the product will be even more helpful to its busy users.
  • Design and technology strategy
  • Research, including stakeholder
    and expert interviews
  • Problem definition and feature prioritization
  • Prototyping
  • User experience and visual design
  • Agile product development
  • Private beta testing
  • Sustainable business model development
In collaboration with
“In a world where tech projects regularly take twice as long and cost three times as much as expected, Futurehaus is accurate, trustworthy, and dedicated. Work gets done right the first time.”
Amy Rosenow, Founder and CEO
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